Pullman Dubai Downtown - Luxury hotel - CSR & Green Key

CSR & Green Key

Pullman Dubai Downtown has secured the coveted Gold Dubai Sustainable Tourism Stamp in recognition of its unwavering commitment to sustainability. As a five-star hotel located in Business Bay Dubai, it prioritizes environmentally friendly business management.

Its sustainable initiatives include the phased elimination of single-use plastic, the implementation of in-house water bottling systems, and a remarkable 30% reduction in food waste. In 2023, the hotel’s water-saving initiatives led to conserving over 500,000 gallons, showcasing its commitment to responsible practices.

The hotel was one of the 11 out of 20 awarded hotels to receive the Gold stamp, highlighting its dedication to excellence in sustainable practices.

Please refer to the attached file for a comprehensive overview of Pullman Dubai Downtown’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability actions. Thank you for exploring our commitment to a more sustainable and responsible future.

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